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We work for mediation partner CareToMatch in Switzerland. They know all Swiss organisations personally. CareToMatch shares this information with us in great detail, so that we can find physiotherapists who best fit your organisation. Is your organisation based in Switzerland and looking for staff? Then apply via CareToMatch, you can do so via this website!

PhysioMatch is happy taking a burden from you!

We do this at:

  • The guidance of emigrating physiotherapists
  • Finding a suitable new employee

This is how we ensure good guidance

Emigrating is not just about finding a new job and a home. There is more to it than you think. If you have already found a new foreign physiotherapist yourself, you can let this employee find out everything himself. But as a good employer you naturally want the employee to feel really welcome and so you will help with this.

This guidance can take quite a lot of time and often at times when you do not have the time. You can also outsource this supervision to PhysioMatch. Even if you have found the candidate yourself. We are experts in the field of emigration within Europe. You then know for sure that nothing is forgotten and the new colleague will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. We help with, among other things:

  • Diploma recognition
  • Improvng the language, for example with a language course
  • Find a home
  • Organize work and residence permit
  • Buy insurance
  • Open a bank account
  • And many small things such as registering with a sports club, importing a car or a dog and offering a buddy system.


PhysioMatch is together with his mediation partner in Switzerland specialized in the recruitment of physiotherapists and occupational therapists. We search for highly qualified physiotherapists based on the client preferences.

Before we start recruiting, our mediation partner likes to have telephone contact regarding the soft criteria. We find it important to identify all the wishes and needs and the working atmosphere of the organization.

We ensure that the vacancy is easily found on our site and through other (social media) channels. We reach the right target group through our large network and marketing initiatives. This way, we will find the best candidates for all the vacancies that we get from our mediation partner in a timely and effective manner.

Learn more about our working method below or contact us

Physio adventure in Switzerland

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