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Some are looking for adventure and a permanent holiday feeling. Others are looking for stability and more treatment time with less administration. Would you like to see if Switzerland is for you? Let’s talk about it in a no-strings-attached conversation!


  • When do you want to go to Switzerland?
  • Would you like to work in a private practice? In a lively city or rather in the middle of the Alps?
  • Grow as a physiotherapist?
  • Which specialization in physiotherapy are you interested in?
  • A small practice or a large one?
  • Let us know your wishes and we will present your profile to all the appropriate practices.
  • Our complete intermediation is free of charge for you as a job seeker.
  • Do you already speak German or French well or do you want to learn ?
  • Many practices allow you to start if you speak and understand German reasonably.
  • For the French language it is important to master at least B1 level before starting to work.
  • Within one year and within two years at the latest, you will have to pass a German or French exam at level B2.
  • It is useful to take a German or French course in advance, which costs about 40 euros a month.
  • According to your wishes, together with our mediation partner in Switzerland we will introduce you to a suitable practice.
  • Over the phone, you decide if you can mean something for each other.
  • Perhaps you’d like to work in a practice for a day?
  • Travel costs for an introductory interview will be covered for you.
  • Are you planning to work full-time (42 hours) or part-time?
  • Are you very flexible or do you want fixed days off?
  • Together with the practice owner, you determine the conditions and thus what you will earn.
  • The average monthly salary differs from canton to canton.
  • We can help you negotiate.
  • 5.300CHF (about 5.000€) to 5.700CHF is usual as a starter, in Zurich and Zug this amount is higher.
  • After deducting insurance and taxes, you will have about 4,000 euros net.
  • We offer good guidance through our step-by-step plan.
  • As soon as you have signed your contract, you can open a bank account and apply for a residence permit at the municipal office.
  • We know some useful websites where you can quickly find suitable housing.
  • Are you looking for a room, a studio or, for example, a furnished apartment?
  • Housing can cost twice as much as in England.
  • To start as a physiotherapist, you must submit your translated diploma and your Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) to the Swiss Red Cross. (SRC)
  • The SRC will quickly give you a SRC number so you can get started.
  • The SRC will then evaluate your diploma within three months.
  • As soon as you have passed your German or French examination at level B2, you will receive official recognition from the Swiss Red Cross.
  • Initiating the SRC procedure costs 600CHF and obtaining the certificate will cost an additional 600CHF.

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Physiotherapist Complex Acute Geriatrics and Neurology Inpatient Care CH Aargau Permanent job 5000/7000 min/max
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Physiotherapist hospital north Switzerland Inpatient Care CH Aargau Permanent job 5000/7000 min/max
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Occupational therapist hospital Bern, Switzerland Occupational Therapist CH Bern Permanent job 5300/7000 min/max
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Physio adventure in Switzerland

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