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What does it cost to sign up with PhysioMatch?

An application at PhysioMatch is and remains 100% free of charge. Your future employer pays for the service.

How does PhysioMatch get their vacancies?
PhysioMatch receives its vacancies via a mediation partner in Switzerland. He knows all Swiss organisations personally. Our agency shares this information with us very accurately, so that we know exactly which vacancy is best for you.

In which regions in Switzerland does PhysioMatch offer jobs?

In both the German and French speaking areas.

Switzerland is an expensive country, you will earn more, but will you keep some of it?

Yes, your net salary is about two to three times higher than in other western countries but life is only about 1.5 times as expensive. We often hear from therapists that they can save about 2000 euros per month. We can also give you tips on how to save as much as possible while living in Switzerland.

My partner and I want to move to Switzerland together, is that possible?

Of course it is. If he or she is also a healthcare professional, we can find jobs for both of you. Sometimes even in the same organisation. There is often a shortage of personnel in other professions in Switzerland as well, so there is plenty of work. Your partner or friend does not necessarily have to work as well. Please contact us for more information.

In Switzerland, they speak Swiss German. Is it different from normal German?

Swiss German is a dialect and is also different in every region. All Swiss people also speak normal German.

How difficult is it to find a house in Switzerland? Do you help with that?

In Switzerland there are more houses than people, so there are always enough houses to rent. It is not difficult to find a house by yourself. We can give you additional tips and help you with this. It is also possible that the organisation you will be working for in Switzerland has a property for you.

How good must your German be?

Our mediation partner in Switzerland has vacancies where you can already start if you do not speak German yet or if you do not speak it very well. However, it is advisable to follow a course in Switzerland. After about two years you will need a B2 certificate for a Swiss language (German, French, Italian).

Do you also have internships in Switzerland?

Internships are sometimes available for therapists who wish to continue working in Switzerland after theri internship.

Do you need a car to work in Switzerland?

Public transport in Switzerland is well organised. Many villages have a train station and can be reached easily by public transport. A sporty alternative is an electric (mountain) bike. Some practices have a practice car. Buying or leasing a car is also possible in Switzerland.

Do you also have vacancies for experienced physiotherapists?

Yes, we are always looking for experienced therapists. We also have positions as practice managers, department managers or the possibility of taking over a practice after a few years.

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