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Congratulations on your new job as a physiotherapist in Switzerland! We understand that this is an exciting time and that you are eager to share your achievements with friends and family on social media.

Therefore, we at PhysioMatch have created a special page where you can download a standardised photo and share it on your own social media channels. This way, you can show that you have started a new adventure and others can see where you are working now.

We encourage you to share this photo and tag us in your post. This can not only help expand your network, but also inspire other physiotherapists looking for a new challenge.

At PhysioMatch, we are proud to help you find your dream job in Switzerland and look forward to sharing your success stories on our website and social media.

Download one of the standard photos taken and share it with pride! If you have your own photo, you can of course use it too 😉

Click here to go directly to story format images!

Normal post (4:4)

Story (16:9)

Physio adventure in Switzerland

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