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    • 9
      "My employee went on maternity leave. Luckily, Physiomatch quickly found a good replacement"
      Hans Practitioner Switzerland
    • 10
      "From the beginning, the people at PhysioMatch were very approachable and super friendly. They are open about their information and if you have any questions, they try to answer them as best they can. They are honest about the steps you are about to take and help you as much as they can to make the transition to work abroad as smooth as possible. I am still at the beginning of my adventure. But PhysioMatch has been a great support to this adventurous step so far and I want to thank them again for that! So do you like adventure, getting to know the mountains and a new culture? Then PhysioMatch can definitely help you out!"
      Christine Oppedijk
    • 10
      "I didn't have time to find an experienced person, luckily PhysioMatch found a therapist that really fits our practice "
      Pieter Practitioner
    • 10
      "Thank you PhysioMatch for persuading me to go to Switzerland"
      Bruno Cleton
    • 10
      "I contacted PhysioMatch to find a job in Switzerland. Shortly after I expressed my interest, I was contacted and not long after that I was already in contact with practices all over Switzerland. After speaking with an employer, I signed a contract and flew away. Currently, I am working in a beautiful practice and I am very satisfied. All in all, I am very satisfied with the support and continuous guidance PhysioMatch gave me free of charge during the whole process; I would highly recommend them to any physiotherapist looking for a job."
      Magnus Joeleht
    • 10
      "Thanks to them, I have been able to develop as a professional and as a person. The attention is fantastic and they are very thorough. They help you in everything and follow up on you. I encourage anyone who is unsure or does not trust them to trust them without fear. Thank you PhysioMatch and especially Esther !!!!"
      Eduardo Robles Pasquín
    • 9
      "Thank you for the good match you found. I am happy to recommend you."
      Frank Rindert

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