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  • Physiotherapist
  • 5000,-/5500,- min/max
  • Permanent job
  • 34/42 min/max
  • CH Basel

Exciting Opportunity for a Physiotherapist in Basel

Function description

Are you looking for a nice job in Switzerland but do not yet speak German and have not yet started recognising your diploma? Then this is the vacancy you are looking for.

In this practice, you may first start working as a massage therapist. In the meantime, we will help you with the recognition of your diploma and you can improve your German yourself while already living in Switzerland. If you complete your diploma recognition, you can start working as a physiotherapist.

The Organization:

The organization is a reputable and welcoming practice located in Basel, one of Switzerland’s most charming cities. Previously specializing in massage therapy, they have decided to expand their services due to the high demand for physiotherapy. The team is comprised of professionals from diverse nationalities, emphasizing the importance of making employees feel at home quickly.

The Environment:

Basel is one of the oldest cities in Switzerland. Despite its age, the city has a remarkably young population, thanks to the presence of numerous colleges and universities. You can feel this youthful energy when strolling through the lively city center. Basel also offers abundant green spaces and a relaxed atmosphere.

We ask for:

  • A completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Physiotherapy.
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly.
  • Knowledge of the German language is not required initially.

The Organization offers:

  • An interesting and diverse work environment with a variety of patient groups.
  • Excellent support from our team to help you quickly settle in.
  • Flexible working hours and a fair salary.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and professional development in the field.

PhysioMatch offers:

  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the entire application process.
  • Assistance with work permits, residence permits, and accommodation arrangements.
  • A complimentary introduction day in Switzerland (we cover travel expenses up to a maximum of 300 euros).
  • Support from our team members who have undergone the emigration process to Switzerland.
  • Personal guidance available in German, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, or English.
  • All these services are provided free of charge and without any obligations for candidates.

Interested in this unique opportunity? Apply now and embark on a new adventure in beautiful Switzerland!


Physio adventure in Switzerland

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